Oldlinestatebinders is a loosely organized group of friends with International Harvester trucks in the Maryland/Pennsylvania/Delaware area.

Shameless Commerce Plug

We just put a bunch of shirt designs up for sale on Threadless to pay for gas money. There are grille designs for all years of the 80/800 and Scout II series, as well as profiles of the ’62-’68 Travelall and C-series trucks and Scout II, You can find the storefront here. Buy early! Buy often!


We don’t charge dues, we don’t wear funny hats, and we don’t have a secret handshake. But we do get together on occasion and help each other keep antique 4x4s (and sometimes other cars) on the road.

For some Scout-specific reading , you can catch up on a Scout II named Peer Pressure here, and a Scout II named Mr Hanky here.